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My art making — Friday, September 7, 2012
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Subjects for my art making vary: Abstract non objective paintings that tour the inner soul of myself— trying to engage the inner soul of an audience— to create for the both of us an experience of self renewal through seeing/feeling; photography where images off camera are untouched— computer manipulated digital photographs, singly or composites of several different photos— computer software generated images that incorporate digital photography, scanner data (news papers, magazines, ads); small sculptures exploring ideas about the fringe elements of our lives, like crumpled paper (trash)— to plaster casts of the inner space of a cardboard box.
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If there is a core narrative or story generated through my work, it relates to how I examine the world around me in all its glory and madness and make art objects that reflect my reaction to this world. Nature is cacophony until our mind focuses on something, then transmits this focus into the real and understandable through the art made. I can only guess what my narrative addresses specifically. I am too close to the making. I assume an abstract non objective image narrative relates to emotion and feeling, like music; representatonal image narrative would express some form of literature, like poetry or a novel.
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The portfolio: The ten pieces selected merely touch the surface of what presently is being produced in my studio. Relationships exist between the diverse elements of my production; between different media presentations. Exploring the how of this for over 50years — The understanding, even now is nothing more than a glimpse.
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Please visit davidnovak.com to view my work and its history.

1941Born Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1964BA; U of Iowa (art/art ed.)
1966MA; U of Iowa (painting)
1967MFA; U of Iowa (painting & drawing)

Lives and works in Matthews, NC

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
1997Kothe-Howard, Charlotte/NC
1995Fovea Gallery, Blowing Rock/NC
1990-91Arlene McDaniels Gallery, Simsbury/CT
1980-86Artists Signature Gallery, New Haven/CT
1989Museum of Art, Science & Industry,
Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury/CT
1980Stamford Museum, Stamford/CT
1980-91Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich/CT
1977-78Terrain Gallery/NYC
1972Fleming Museum, U of Vermont,
1968-70Berkshire Museum/Pittsfield/MA
1966SUNY New Paltz-NY
1965Mercyhurst College/Erie, PA
1964Sophia Art Center, Tokyo, Japan
1962-67The University of Iowa/Iowa city,
Des Moines Art Center,
Sioux City Art Center
1962Walker Art Center/Minneapolis
1961Palos Verdis Invitational/CA

Selected Collections:
Walker Art Center/Minneapolis
The University of Iowa/Iowa City
Sioux City Art Center/Iowa
University of Cincinnati/Ohio
DPNimages, Matthews/NC
Mount Mansfield Company, Stowe/VT
H. T. Hillard Oil Company, Menlo Park/CA
Peter M. David Gallery/Minneapolis
Berkshire County Savings Bank, Pittsfield/MA
Echlin Mfg. Company, Branford/CT
Union Trust Company, New Haven/CT
Colonial National Bank, New Haven/CT
Beth el Temple, Hartford/CT
Southern New England Telephone, New Haven/CT
Ensign Bickford Company, Simsbury/CT
Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins/CO

more images and ideas[juststuff-sm2-3 (1K)]


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Blue Mantle
Ecncaustic/wood, 14"h x 16"w

Personal Statement
Acrylic/wood, 12"h x 11"w

Collage No Title
acrylic/paper, 34"h x 17"w

Light Drawing MBSC
Digital Foto, PRN size var

Bubble in Highway NC
Digital, PRN size var

Roadside NC
Digital, PRN size var

Small Sculpture
acrylic & plaster, 3"h

Small Sculpture
plaster, 8"h

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