notes on Vermont Figure Drawing 1970-74 Close window when done.
I consider this time frame to be the mature phase in the human figure drawing and painting project. I now was freely using all of my previous sources for this work. And freely moved in and out of a highly realist structure and a loose expressionist structure. To be schizophrenic, all this duality was taking place simultaneously. And, how to I express this clearly, all appearing out the magic fog of art from an highly improvisational plane. I had an idea, I went with it without any questions. If the idea told me to draw or paint with a high degree of natural detail, I did. If the idea told me to be loosey goosey, I did that. Why not?

Images 22 - 24: Airbrushed ink on paper. These drawings used the same stencils made for use in making paintings of same image. These are the only airbursh drawings in existence.