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Cape Cod 1986_2

The seascape abstractions were started while on a short vacation to the Rhode Island and Maine shore in the summer of 1972. Only small studies were executed in pastel and watercolor (including acrylic) paper. The idea was to use these studies along with the many color slides taken during the 2 - 3 week trip and work them up to large canvases. The 1972 - 1975 set is included in the Archive. I didn't work steadily on these abstractions, and soon it got dropped in favor of my regular work.

In 1979 I moved to the Connecticut shore; Old Saybrook. My interest in developing more completely the abstractions based upon the seascape now took hold. I now had the opportunity to be around the environment full time. Also at this time my wife's parents retired and settled in Wellfleet, Ma (Cape Cod). My resources were now fully in place.

I spent nine years working on this project. It was a good time for me professionally and commercially. This work was regularly shown at the Artist's Signature Gallery in New Haven, Munson Galleries in Chatham, MA and Vero Beach, FL.

Technically and conceptually the project didn't change much, in my mind, over these nine years. I was simply interested in capturing the essence or feeling of the total environment surrounding life and experience of the sea, sky, shore, horizon, and atmosphere (the clouds). Technically I was interested in a watercolor approach to all painting; thin washes and glazes/scumbles of paint. I worked on paper, canvas and muslin utilizing the same techniques and acrylic paint.

When I moved to North Caroline in the spring of 1992, the project was left in Connecticut. I just stopped working on it. The idea is still open to new interpretations whenever I return to it. I am interested in including the North Carolina shore environment in future undertakings.

From an archival view point, the work moves abstraction-presentation to less-abstraction-representational over the nine years; from simple structure, more inventive, to complex structure relying more on direct visual experience.

After the Storm, 1991, ac, 28x46.5
1) After The Storm, 1991, Acrylic/Canvas,
28"h x 46.5"w"
Orange Isle, 1991, ac, 28x56
2) Orange Isle, 1991, Acrylic/Canvas,
28"h x 56"w"

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